Lowpad Fork

The Lowpad Fork is the ideal autonomous mobile robot for the transportation of pallets, movable racks and several roll containers.

The Lowpad Fork is provided with two lifting forks with a loading capacity of 1.000 kg. This Lowpad is suitable for many applications where product variability, delivery time and efficiency are key. The Lowpad Fork is equipped with independent driven steering wheels and a multifunctional Lidar camera system in order to operate autonomously.

The Lowpad Fork is still under development.

Technical specs

Maximum speed
1 - 1.5 m/s
Charging time
1 - 2 hours
Lifting height
200 mm
Battery capacity
24 Volt, 31 AH
Lifting capacity
1.000 kg
1670 x 800 x 675 mm
Driving time
5 - 8 hours
650 mm
1300 x 570 x 85 mm

The Lowpad Fork is
highly suitable to move:



Technical highlights

Built-in long life battery

Charging of partly discharged batteries is permitted

WIFI communication

Vehicle track-and-trace

Lidar assisted collision prevention

No floor-related infrastructure is required

Smart, camera-supported target approach

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